Library Regulations

1. Introduction

These regulations are made up of five parts:

1. Introduction
2. Reading room rules
3. Consultation area rules
4. Research room rules
5. Apollinare reading room rules

Parts 2-4 regard instructions for the various areas where the library is located in Via dei Farnesi. Part 5 regards the reading room at the Pontifical University located in Piazza Sant’Apollinare 49.

General details regarding opening hours, access etc. for the library building can be found in Reading Room Instructions.

2. Reading room rules

Opening Hours

The library is open to the public from Monday to Saturday during the following hours:

Monday to Friday: from 8.30 to 18.45

Saturday: from 8.30 to 12.45

The library is closed on the following dates:

1st January
6th January
Thursday, Friday and Saturday of Holy Easter Week
Easter Monday
25th April
1st May
2nd June
29th June
15th August
1st November
8th December
24th, 25th and 26th December
31st December

Any modifications to the opening hours or days will be communicated in a timely manner.

Conditions and Access

The library is open to:

- professors and students of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in possession of a library membership card.
- professors, students and researchers of other universities who present:
  - the relevant credentials
  - a written request to the library management
  - or the purchase of a library card

There are two types of library card:

- weekly
- semester long.

Bags, umbrellas, etc. must be left in the cloakroom before entering the reading room.

Access to the Library Archives

The following is required in order to consult texts stored in the archives:

- check their location using the electronic catalogue system
- fill out the white request form
- leave the request form in the container on the reading room assistant’s table
- collect the requested books at the distribution counter

A maximum of three books per hour or ten per day may be issued.

The issuing of books is strictly limited to the hours displayed at the distribution counter.

Once used, the books are to be left on the tables.

In order to extend the reading time over a period of days (to a maximum of seven days), the relevant form must be filled out and handed over with the books to the library assistant.

Reading room books marked SL in the final section of the classification may be accessed directly.

Books stored in the reading room may not be loaned except in the case of professors and doctoral students for a maximum of one day.

Books marked DDR may be antique or important texts, unpublished theses etc. These may be consulted only by filling out the relevant pink form. Permission is given at the discretion of library management.

Consultation of the above mentioned texts on behalf of students may only be granted with the signature of the professor supervising their thesis or similar.

Books marked FAB and MG may be consulted by filling out the white request form.

Books marked SLA may be consulted in the reading room in the university building in Sant’Apollinare (see instructions for the Sant’Apollinare reading room).


Library materials may be photocopied - format, storage conditions and damage risk permitting.

Works published before 1830, unpublished works or theses may not be photocopied. The library however, reserves the right to authorize any photocopying.

Library users may do their own photocopying by using a swipe card that can be purchased at the entrance.

Library users are obliged to respect all copyright and intellectual property right issues.

General Instruction fot the Reading Room

The following activities are forbidden in the reading room:
- smoking
- eating
- using cell phones or any other electronic devices that may create inconvenience

It is forbidden to take any materials out of the library that are propriety of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross.

All materials should be handled with care. It is forbidden to make any marks, write on or underline texts. Library users are responsible for any damage caused.

Library users are obliged to behave in an appropriate manner and maintain strict silence.

Final Remarks

Any remarks, proposals or issues regarding the purchase of books must be submitted in written form.

The library would like to thank all library users for respecting these norms and for any suggestions that may assist in improving the service offered to the university community.

3. Consultation Area Rules

General rules

The public area of the library is open to all students and professors of the university.

The consultation room is open under different conditions to university professors, doctoral students and researchers, as well as other persons authorized by the library. It is made up of the following areas: research room, book and magazine archive, first and second floor St. Girolamo zone, second and third floor Farnesi zone. Library books are stored in all of these areas using the open shelf system.

The library also has a closed shelf system of books held in storage.

Opening hours are the same as library opening hours (see Reading Room Instructions).

Library cards should be displayed at the entrance to gain access to the reserved area. PUSC university students should display their student card. A valid card will grant access to the reserved area through the security-controlled doors.

Bags or any other containers are not permitted in the reserved area, except in the case of professors. Bags should be left at the entrance.

In order to facilitate an effective work environment, a strict silence must be observed and conversation should be kept to a minimum both on the stairs and in the corridors.

Appointments must be held in the designated areas.

Food and drink may be consumed in the bar only.

Smoking is permitted only in the courtyard or in the professors’ offices provided that this does not create inconvenience for any other persons. It is forbidden to smoke in any other area.

A photocopy machine is available in the library. Library users should do their own photocopying. Texts may be photocopied providing that their format, weight and storage condition etc. are appropriate. Library users are responsible for any damage. Users are also obliged to respect all copyright and intellectual property rights. Reproduction of digital works is strictly forbidden.

Use of the Texts and Purchase Requests

Computers are available to library users in order to consult the library’s catalogue. The URBE catalogues may also be viewed on these computers.

All reading room books are directly and freely accessible to library users in the open zone. Books contained in the reserved or closed circuit zone must be requested from the library assistants and may be collected during the hours displayed in the reading room.

Library users in the reserved area may take any texts from the open shelf system. They must leave a library card containing a completed green form with their details in place of the book. This is to assist other users and library staff in locating the book, which should be kept in clear view on the user’s desk.

Books being used may also be viewed by other users provided both parties are in agreement. The person whose name is on the card in place of the book is the one responsible for its care.

If a book in consultation is on loan and is requested by another library user, the library may request the return of the volume not before a month has passed since it was lent out.

Once the book has been used it should be returned to its rightful place making sure to remove the relevant library card.

Any books left unattended on the desks will be put back in place by the library staff.

Frequently used texts such as dictionaries, encyclopaedias etc. or reading room books may not be kept. Reading room books may be loaned out on a daily basis.

Closed circuit books belonging to the DDR Research Store may be loaned out on written request by completing the relevant pink form and the signature of the library management. Access to these books by doctorate students also requires the signature of their thesis professor. If this is not possible, a fax or email can substitute. After usage the books must be returned to the library assistant.

Students, researchers and professors must request closed circuit books marked MG by filling out the white form in the reading room.

Library users are responsible for the welfare of the books in their care. They are obliged to inform the library assistant of any damage that they have noticed. Texts may not be marked in any way even in pencil, corners may not be folded nor may pens, papers or any other objects be left inside them. They may not be left open upside down. Library users are obliged not to let them fall, not to turn the pages with damp or dirty fingers and not to keep ink or glue containers etc. near them.

Purchase proposals may be sent to the library management either by email or by completing the relevant form. They will be dealt with following the relevant procedure. In order to sign up for a new magazine or chain of published works, students should approach the relevant figure in their faculty who will then evaluate the request and if approved, pass it on to library management.

Book Lending

Users of the public area may not borrow books.

Book lending is available to professors, researchers, doctoral students and the university’s employees and collaborators.

The book lending service is available at the entrance counter.

Book lending is available on a normal, special or daily basis.

1) The ‘normal’ option has a duration of one month (15 days for doctoral students). This period is extendable on request by another month if another user has not already requested the text. This is valid for a maximum of ten texts (three for doctoral students).
2) The ‘special’ option is available to professors who provide a written and motivated request to the library direction and is valid until May 31st of the current academic year. Books marked “Escluso dal prestito” (not for lending), books in the reading room, and books in the research store are not available under the ‘normal’ and ‘special’ options.
3) Books excluded from the ‘normal’ and ‘special’ options may be loaned for one day only having completed the relevant form available from the library assistants. These books must be returned within 24 hours. No microfilms or multimedia works may be loaned. Books unreturned will be requested three times in written or electronic form: on due return date, one week later and two weeks later. If the book has been loaned for one day only, it will be requested the following day. If there is no response to these requests the loan will be suspended and the university rector will be informed. A month after the due date the library may purchase another copy of the book and charge all costs to the library user. Once the library has been reimbursed, it reserves the right to decide whether to continue the user’s membership card.

Final Remarks

The library welcomes any written remarks, suggestions or proposals. The library also thanks all library users for adhering to the above-mentioned norms, which have been drawn up in order to maintain a high standard of service.

4. Instructions for the Doctoral Students' Room

The Palazzini Room is designated for doctoral students and is located in the consultation area of the library.

Desks and shelves are available for every student and are to be used under the following conditions:


Students may use any of the desks, which are not assigned to any one person.

The library reserves the right to temporarily assign some of the desks for other uses.

Each desk has an electrical socket.

Extension leads are available for those desks located further from the wall. These may be collected and returned at the end of the day at the entrance.

Each desk must be cleared at the end of the day. Any items left behind will be collected by the library staff and left in the cloakroom.

Internet Connection

An Internet service is available that links to the university and library homepages only (no Internet).

This service must be requested via email from the Informatics Service Office (usi [at]

Documents may be printed using the printer in the reference room. This service must be requested via mail from the Informatics Service Office (usi [at]

Printing costs will be charged according to the norms for this service.


Library users may use one shelf each to store their books and other materials on loan.

The assignment of shelves must be requested at the entrance.

The library is not responsible for books or any other personal items left in the room.

When leaving the library for a month or at the end of their studies, students are obliged to return their shelf token at the entrance and return all books to their rightful place.

Book Consultation

For access to the open shelf areas and book consultation, please see Consultation Area Rules in the Library General Rules.

All books confirmed as ‘being read’ must be placed on the individual’s shelves with the relevant completed blue form.

Books can be confirmed for a maximum of two months.

Once the return date is up, they must be placed in their correct position and can be loaned again after 15 days.

If they are not put in their correct place they will be taken by library staff.

Once used all books must be replaced on their appropriate shelf in the library.

5. Instructions for the Apollinare Reading Room

The reading room is open to the university’s professors and students.

It is obligatory to:
- hand in membership card to the library assistant
- leave all bags on the designated shelves
- observe any indications made by the assistants

The following activities are forbidden in the reading room:
- smoking
- eating
- using cell phones or any other electronic devices that may cause inconvenience

It is forbidden to take any materials out of the library that are propriety of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross.

All materials should be handled with care. It is forbidden to make any marks, write on or underline texts. Library users are responsible for any damage caused.

Library users are obliged to behave in an appropriate manner and maintain strict silence.

Book lending is not available to students.

Apollinare reading room texts may be loaned to professors for one day only by completing the relevant form available from the library assistants. These must be returned within 24 hours.


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