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The Library was founded in 1984. The greater part of its patrimony is composed of literature and multimedia essential to the various subjects taught at the Univeristy: Theology, Canon Law, Philosophy, and Church Communications. Although these resources are mainly intended to serve scholars and students of the University, they are also available to external scholars under customary library rules.


In 1994, the library created the URBE newtork (the Union of Roman Ecclesiastical Libraries) in collaboration with 13 other Roman libraries.

In 1996, it was further enriched by 20,000 volumes donated from the personal library of Philosopher Cornelio Fabro. From this legacy, the Fabro Fund was created, rendering it accessible to all scholars.

An additional 1,000 volumes were added from the personal library of Theologian and Archeologist Andreas Evarist Mader. Through this addition, the Mader/ Salvatoriani Fund was formed, specializing particularly in Christian archeology and history of the Holy Land.

Currently the Library holds approximately 175,000 printed volumes and 800 scholarly journals and newspapers, as well as CD-ROMs, microfilms, and microfiche.

The Library's main goals are to offer up-to-date literature and documents which serve as useful tools in scholarly research, and to provide services which satisfy patrons' needs. The aim is that patrons may freely and independently benefit from the Library's resources with the assistance of qualified personnel.



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