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Understanding in context, in the heart of Rome

The School of Philosophy promotes contextual mediation between the fields of learning, between different cultures, and between reason and faith. With openness to theology, the School favors the understanding of the metaphysical dimension of truth and of the anthropological and historical, cultural context.

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We offer the foundations for understanding the crucial issues, whether current or perennial, to address the questions posed by scientific discovery and cultural change. The philosophical thought of Saint Thomas Aquinas, read in the light of the encyclical Fides et Ratio, roots our common tradition.

Our teaching style develops capability for critical thought, methodological accuracy, and intellectual responsibility:

  • Systematic and organic formation in the fundamental areas of Philosophy;
  • Direct contact with authors and their great philosophical works;
  • Deepening appreciation for the metaphysical and anthropological dimensions of the classical tradition.

In a context:

  • Of study and collaboration between professors and students: with an individualized tutorial approach and a dedicated teacher to guide each student;
  • With a library among the most complete for the study of Philosophy;
  • Universal, characterized by closeness to the See of Peter;
  • Open to the needs of local Churches, with a diverse community of students coming from the whole world.


In evidenza

During the Assembly of the Conference of Rectors of Universities and Pontifical Roman Institutions (CRUIPRO) on November 20th, the inter-institutional agreement CRUIPRO to promote student mobility within the Roman ecclesiastical university system, which had been signed on December 7, 2020, was renewed for a second three-year term.

The agreement stipulates that every semester, regular students can attend a course free of charge at one of the participating institutions, subject to authorization from their home institution and acceptance by the hosting institution.

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On Tuesday, December 12, 2023 (at 3:00 PM, Aula Álvaro del Portillo), the III Étienne Gilson Medieval Studies Day will take place.

Professors fr. Serge-Thomas Bonino, OP (Angelicum), and Fabrizio Amerini (University of Parma) will speak on the theme 1323: Thomas Aquinas, theologian, philosopher, saint. Seven hundred years since canonization.

On this occasion, some publications on the History of Medieval Philosophy edited by professors B. Ippolito and A. Petagine (Roma Tre), E. Dezza (Antonianum) will be presented.


On Friday, November 24, 2023, the School of Philosophy celebrated the occasion of the Feast of the Patron Saint, Saint Catherine of Alexandria.

Professor Stephen Brock, a lecturer at the Holy Cross and the University of Chicago, delivered a lecture titled "What makes you yourself? Scotus's question, a snare for Thomists."

The event was preceded by Holy Mass at the Basilica of Apollinare at 9:30 AM.

In the days leading up to the event, from November 21 to 23 (from 3:00 PM to 4:45 PM, Room A305), the professor conducted a course consisting of 6 lessons on the Metaphysics of the Knowledge of God.

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Festa accademica della Facoltà di Filosofia con il prof. Stephen Brock

Martedì 7 novembre 2023 (ore 15.00, Aula Á. del Portillo) nell'ambito del Ciclo 2023-24 dei Seminari di Facoltà, la prof.ssa Claudia BARACCHI, Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, terrà un seminario dal titolo Aristotele desiderante. La filosofia come direzione di vita.

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> Opere della prof.ssa Baracchi in Biblioteca

> Opere della prof.ssa Baracchi in PARSIFAL  


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