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Understanding in context, in the heart of Rome

The School of Philosophy promotes contextual mediation between the fields of learning, between different cultures, and between reason and faith. With openness to theology, the School favors the understanding of the metaphysical dimension of truth and of the anthropological and historical, cultural context.

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We offer the foundations for understanding the crucial issues, whether current or perennial, to address the questions posed by scientific discovery and cultural change. The philosophical thought of Saint Thomas Aquinas, read in the light of the encyclical Fides et Ratio, roots our common tradition.

Our teaching style develops capability for critical thought, methodological accuracy, and intellectual responsibility:

  • Systematic and organic formation in the fundamental areas of Philosophy;
  • Direct contact with authors and their great philosophical works;
  • Deepening appreciation for the metaphysical and anthropological dimensions of the classical tradition.

In a context:

  • Of study and collaboration between professors and students: with an individualized tutorial approach and a dedicated teacher to guide each student;
  • With a library among the most complete for the study of Philosophy;
  • Universal, characterized by closeness to the See of Peter;
  • Open to the needs of local Churches, with a diverse community of students coming from the whole world.


In evidenza

Starting from Wednesday, May 22, until June 30, 2024, students from all Faculties can complete the online Course Evaluation Questionnaire for the Second Semester.

As always, this is a valuable opportunity to help improve the quality of teaching and education.

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Following the second Call for Projects launched in September 2023 and concluded on January 31, 2024, to gather research proposals related to the academic development of the University, 4 new projects have been selected.

A total of 14 proposals were submitted, involving 53 professors from Santa Croce and a significant number of researchers from other universities. The proposals were evaluated by a scientific committee. The 10 projects that were not selected can be developed within the research framework of their respective faculties or within already active Research Centers.

The 4 selected projects will receive funding to cover administrative and communication expenses, as well as those related to publications, congresses, expert meetings, conference participation, and travel abroad.

On Tuesday, May 28, 2024 (from 2:30 PM to 6:30 PM, in the Álvaro del Portillo Hall), the Kantian Studies Day will take place, titled Anthropology, Schematism, Natural Law, and the Idea of Peace in Kant, in celebration of the 300th anniversary of the philosopher's birth.

The speakers will include Prof. Gualtiero Lorini (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan), Prof. Anselmo Aportone (University of Rome Tor Vergata), Prof. Gianluca Sadun Bordoni (University of Teramo), and Prof. Daniela Falcioni (University of Calabria).

The event will be moderated by Prof. Gennaro Luise (Pontifical University of the Holy Cross).



On Wednesday, May 15, 2024, a day dedicated to blood donation was organized as part of University Life activities and in collaboration with Ema-Roma.

The initiative was aimed at students and teaching and non-teaching staff of Santa Croce.

The blood collected was delivered by Ema-Roma to the city hospitals San Filippo Neri and Santo Spirito.




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