ISSRA Students

For students registered in courses with the Institute for Advanced Religious Studies at the Apollinare, the Library offers the services of book reservation and internal document delivery.


To simplify research and study, desired library texts can be reserved from home before arriving at the Library. A maximum of 10 texts may be reserved per day. To use this service, please complete the appropriate forms at least 5 days before arriving at the Library.

To ensure that the forms are properly completed, be sure to previously consult the Library catalog, verifying that the library owns the desired text, and specifying its location within the catalog.

The books found in the Reading Room cannot be reserved. They are recognizable by the initials SL on the binding (ex. SD 32.1 SL), and can be consulted directly within the room, without completing a request form.

Reserved volumes are picked up in the Reference Room by showing the assistant your Institute card.

Reserved books can only be used within the library itself.

Any books that are not picked up on the day indicated by the reservation will be returned to their place on the shelves.

Long Distance Document Delivery

With this service, patrons  may request copies of documents that are useful for their studies and assignments. To request a document, please fill out the appropriate form.

To complete the form correctly, be sure to previously check the Library catalog, ensuring that the bibliographic data is written in the same manner found within the catalog.
Requests submitted properly are processed within 10 working days.

The documents can be delivered in the following ways:

  1. By Mail: photocopies are sent by priority mail through the normal postal service.
  2. Electronically: a scanned copy of the documents is sent via email.

You may specify your preference of delivery on the request form.

The Library reimburses up to € 4.00 of costs concerning documents between 1 and 15 pages. An additional € .20 refund is added for every page beyond 15. The exact amount, as well as the method of payment, will be indicated when the copies are delivered.

Please note that photocopies are always made in compliance with Copyright laws.


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