Latinitas viva

Latinitas viva

Would you be able to read a Latin script with the same ability you are able to understand a text in your own language, without the necessary aid of a dictionary in every moment?

Latin afternoon courses taught as a living language


Main information

  •  Start/end dates: 24 Ottobre 2024 - 29 Maggio 2025
  • Teaching method: In presence and online (live streaming)
  •  Schedule: Thursday 3:00-5:30 pm
  •  Duration: 83 academic hours (25 lessons)
  •  Titles released: 6 CFU / ECTS + Teachers’ updating, recognized by the MIUR
  •  The course is held in: Latin
  •  Limited enrollment: up to 20 participants
  •  Academic fees: € 690 (payable in instalments)



Admission is free and no prior knowledge is requested.



  • Understanding of a Latin text, without using the dictionary
  • In-depth knowledge and active use of all the most fundamental structures of Latin syntax and grammar
  • Knowledge of the 1200 most frequent words of Latin classical literature
  • Introduction to Latinitas Christiana
  • Ability to write and speak in Latin



Through the reading of texts written in Latin and specifically designed to encourage language acquisition, students will learn morphology, syntax and fundamental phraseology in acquiring classical and patristical Latin.

Teaching is assigned to the Italian Institute for Classical Studies, an international point of reference in the field of classical language teaching. Lessons will be held completely in Latin, according to the fundamentals of inductive-contextual methodology. Renewing the Church’s tradition in the teaching of Latin and using the most advanced techniques for the teaching of modern languages, the active use of Latin language both by the students and the teacher turns passive learning into an active competence, thus ensuring a sound knowledge of the language.


The course will be held in classroom and online. The IISC will give the students a link (upon request) to attend the course via live streaming. Lessons in streaming will be recorded and they will stay available for the students to see for a week.



Registration and payment can be made through the website of the Italian Institute for Classical Studies.

N.B.: The University of the Holy Cross cannot manage registrations and payments for this course.


Further information about the course (bibliography, instructors, detailed schedule, payment methods, etc.) is available on the website of the Italian Institute for Classical Studies.



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