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General informations:

For information regarding the Italian intensive course on september in collaboration with the Società Dante Alighieri, please click here.

Students, who have attended the September course, will be assigned automatically to one of the Italian courses during the first semester. The students who did not attend the September course will be invited to take an exam during the firs week of the academic year. Normally, this exam would take place in classroom 305 at 3 pm to 4.30 pm on Tuesday (written exam) and Thursday (oral exam).

The course "Approfondimento in lingua italiana" generally provides two levels: elementary and intermediate/advanced. Students will be divided into two gruops after taking an entrance test to verify their level. The aim of the Italian language course is mainly to enable students to become experts of the language as soon as possible to begin to communicate both within the University and outside of it. For this purpose, the lessons will be based mainly on explanations, acquisition and practice of grammatical elements, but also on vocabulary development through written and oral texts that will allow to carry out a work of understanding, synthesis and discussion.

The cost of the courses "Italian I" and "Italian II" is included in academic fees only for students of Theology. Students of Philosophy, Communication and Canon Law could follow the lessons only if the number of participants is not too high, otherwise they should pay a fee of 200 € by October 31st in the Administration Offices (4th floor of the Palazzo dell'Apollinare).
Students of the Faculty of Philosophy, Communication and Canon Law who want to attend the Italian course are required to register in the Secretary (students of Theology are not requested to do so).



School Courses Cycle - Year - Semester Professor
Theology Elementary Italian II II cycle - I year - I semester Prof.ssa Antonella Padiglione
Theology Intermediate Italian I II cycle - I year - I semeser Prof.ssa Claudia Padiglione

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