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The Markets, Culture and Ethics Research Centre (MCE) of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross was founded in 2009 with the aim of studying in a systematic and scientific way the ethical aspects (social and individual) of economic and social life, in the light of reason and the Catholic faith


At the same time, it has an ecumenical and interreligious approach since social problems can only be resolved by a joint effort and in dialogue with contemporary culture. MCE’s academic activities are open to scholars and economic practitioners in all areas as they provide necessary elements for a true dialogue of faith with the world. MCE does not align itself with any particular school of economic thought, and it is open to all schools of thought as long as they are compatible with Christian anthropology.



In evidenza

Anche quest'anno il Centro di Ricerca Markets, Culture & Ethics ha organizzato un ciclo di Seminari di Ricerca in collaborazione con la Facoltà di Teologia della Pontificia Università della Santa Croce. Quest'anno il tema verterà principalmente su “Economia Politica Classica: Filosofia delle Scienze Sociali e Pensiero Economico.”

L’obiettivo del ciclo di seminari è presentare agli studenti una prospettiva d’insieme sull’Illuminismo Scozzese filosofico e sui fondamenti epistemologici del metodo della scuola “Classica” di economia politica. Si intende proporre la visione dello sviluppo economico dei pensatori, da Adam Smith a John Stuart Mill.

The course Discover the Foundational Charism Living the Virtues at Padre Pio’s Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza Hospital is now in its ninth year and has a record number of 59 participants attending.

Prof. Martin Schlag led the first module (February 5-6) on the charism of the hospital and theological reflections on sickness and suffering. He focused his attention in the importance of seeking holiness the ordinary life.

Profs. Juan Andrés Mercado, Sonia Vazzano and Valentina Zaffino led the second module (March 12-13) introducing emotions and virtues. The use of case studies helped the audience to understand the cardinal virtues and how to use them in daily life.



The MCE Research Centre continues its research seminar series on Catholic Social Thought: Perspective & Practice in Social Entrepreneurship and Social Finance with two seminars in March and April. Both seminars will be in English and are open to the public:

March 28 at 3:00 pm in classroom A304 at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross Fr. Anthony Stoeppel will present Diocesan Savings and Credit Operations: Parishes Investing in Parishes.

April 4 at 3:00 pm in classroom A304 at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross Dr. Mark Hanssen will present Microfinance, Savings Groups and Human Dignity: Practical Responses to Market Limitations.

Saturday, February 9 the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross hosted a workshop on The Managerial Challenges in the Governance of Pontifical Universities and Institutes: Reflections on the Example of the Marist Brothers. The event, inspired by the work of the Program of Church Management (PCM), was organized by the Conference of Rectors of the Roman Pontifical Universities and Institutes (CRUIPRO) in collaboration with PCM and the MCE Research Centre. Dozens of participants from the various Pontifical institutes attended, including rectors, general secretaries, bursars, and deans.


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